De gehele entree-opbrengst van dit concert gaat naar stichting Roparun. Roparun financiert doelen in de verzorgende zorg voor mensen met kanker: palliatieve zorg. De doelstelling is om te proberen leven toe te voegen aan de dagen, als je geen dagen meer aan het leven kunt toevoegen. Dat zit in grote projecten zoals hoofdhuidkoelers in ziekenhuizen, waarmee haaruitval bij chemotherapie gedeeltelijk voorkomen kan worden. Maar ook in heel veel kleinere, zoals nieuwe fauteuils in een hospice. Het geld voor Stichting Roparun wordt bijeen gebracht door ongeveer 400 teams die meedoen aan de Roparun estafette. Dat is een estafette-run van Parijs naar Rotterdam of van Hamburg naar Rotterdam. De ongeveer 550 kilometer wordt door een team van 8 hardlopers, aangevuld met fietsers en veel verzorgers met het Pinksterweekend gelopen.

MadeOfWax is an Experimental Funk band inspired by the greatest musicians from all over the world, such as Gavin DeGraw, Maroon 5, Jamie Cullum and many more.It all started at a preparatory school for the conservatory. Joël, Mario & Jonathan joined forces and created MadeOfWax. They immediately started to create catchy and groovy songs and started to grow. Then the first few performances in Soest, Baarn and Amersfoort came up, and the public really loved their Music. After a while Allard joined the band so they were complete. Opportunities came up and they started to play on national radio & Local TV stations. They began to grow more and more and in October 2013 Joël Klok (the new drummer) signed up for the band. With the really strong rhythm section they started developing new grooves and melodies, strong lyrics and presentation. People really love our music and start dancing as soon as they hear it. ''We hope to create a positive vibe at every show and hope to entertain everybody. Maybe give them something to think about, or just a good night out.'' Their music is written out an open mind, so every kind of inspiration is used. Nothing is excluded. Funk, Pop, Jazz, Soul or Rock, it's all in there. When they write together there's always a nice flow of inspiring melodies, lyrics & Grooves. In the past Months they've been working on their first EP. They will show you something soon!